Heat- reflective paint system for metal surfaces

The purpose of this system is to improve comfort inside warehouses that are exposed to direct sunlight and to improve energy optimization. It solves the problems related to the storage of cereals, flours and products that are sensitive to temperature changes in silos placed under the sun. It reflects the heat generated by solar radiation (both visible and infrared) and, when applied on breeding farms coverings, it improves the animal welfare index.

Fields of application: roofs of sheds, houses, warehouses, containers, silos, farms, iron surfaces, zinc-coated sheets, steel, copper, sandwich panels.



  • In order to remove detaching paint, dirt, dust, smog, etc., use a hot water high-pressure washer equipped with a rotating nozzle to clean the surfaces to be treated. Keep a reasonable distance while using the washer.
  •  In case of algae, apply Lindostop, anti-mould and antifouling treatment, and take all necessary precautions for the support to be in suitable conditions.
  •  In case of rust, if necessary, apply Oxifer, a product that blocks rust and transforms it into a stable and protective layer that can be painted over.
  • Check the stability and/or the anchor screws and gaskets.
  • Apply one coat of Nanoprimer, universal water-based anti-corrosion primer finish for metal surfaces, ceramics, plastic, wood.
    For certain surfaces, light sanding could be necessary. Then, apply one coat of EpoxiPrimer, an epoxy primer.
  • Finally, apply two coats of Thermo-Metals, nanotechnological, heat-reflecting enamel, ideal for metal surfaces (roofs, silos, tanks, containers, etc.)

 *Before deciding on an application cycle, please consult our technical datasheets and our staff to verify the actual suitability case by case.