Heat-reflective paint system for skylights

This system is particularly suitable for protecting inclined surfaces made of fiberglass, polycarbonate or glass, such as domes of various sizes and parts designed to maintain the correct ratios between the surface area of the windows and the surface area of a room.

The finishing paint lets a large part of the visible light through but prevents from seeing through the surface from both sides. Most of the UV radiation is blocked, while the IR radiation is reflected, thus preventing internal overheating during the summer season.

Fields of application: fiberglass, polycarbonate and glass.



  • In order to remove detaching paint, dirt, dust, smog, etc., use a hot water high-pressure washer equipped with a rotating nozzle to clean the surfaces to be treated. Keep a reasonable distance while using the washer.
  •  In case of algae, apply Lindostop, anti-mould and antifouling treatment, and take all necessary precautions for the support to be in suitable conditions.
  • In case of damages, carry out the necessary maintenance with Repair Lux, polyurethane restructuring paint with excellent elasticity properties, ideal for the repair of superficial micro-cracks on fiberglass roofs. If applied properly and continuously, this paint can reconstruct a protective film that makes it waterproof and, at the same time, produces a “restoring” effect. It is therefore ideal for fiberglass roofs that have worn out. Between the first and the second coat, a layer of reinforcing mesh can be immersed in the paint to strengthen the system.
  • After 8 hours, according to special needs or as requested, the following products can be applied

Thermo-Lux, modified, semi-transparent, heat-reflecting, water-repellent, anti-algae, acrylic paint for exteriors with high resistance to weather.

Thermo-Lux Evolution, semi-transparent, polyurethane, heat-reflecting paint with restructuring effect. Ideal for fiberglass roofs that have worn out by time.

*Before deciding on an application cycle, please consult our technical datasheets and our staff to verify the actual suitability case by case.